New journal

Publish: Launch of New Journal, Transfer of Existing Title, or Transition the Print Publication to Open Access


We are more than welcomed the initiatives from all around the world to launch a new journal.

If you are an expert in some field of science and if you have a courage to move the direction you love forward so you definitly have a right to launch a new journal.

But, understanding that moving the journal forward is an extremely hard work from both, editorial and publisher side, we need to be well prepared to such launch.


  1. To perform a preliminary analysis of the existing journals in the field you are deeply involved.
  2. To find an "empty" space for the new journal with a new name and scope.
  3. To gather the team for Editorial Board who have the academic experience.
  4. To discuss such journal with a funding body.
  5. Consultations with a publisher (email:

If you love the subject you working on and if you have enough passion to start the new journal do not hesitate to contact us (email: